Consulting & Development

For over 15 years ARCintuition has provided consulting services to financial, government, and non-profit organizations. Our network of consultants command decades of collective experience in deploying projects and services amongst partners and clients.


We are proud to be part of BAPCo, a non-profit consortium that develops and distributes a set of objective performance benchmarks based on popular computer applications and industry-standard operating systems since 2004. Governments all over the world use BAPCo benchmarks to assist in product purchasing decisions. BAPCo members include Acer, Compal, Dell, Dynabook, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Intel, Inventec, LC Future Center, Lenovo, Pegatron, Quanta Computer,  Samsung, Western Digital, Wistron, and others.

Sustainability & Community

The team is passionate about working with local community groups providing pro-bono services and micro-grant support to non-profit and local art organizations. We are currently developing & piloting the EHP project that assesses the feasibility of different decentralized solutions to address affordable housing rental and ownership solutions. 


We strive to minimize our environmental overhead through continued efforts to reduce our footprint through the adoption of carbon credits.